A school for integrating living and learning to keep alive the age old sanctities of natural resources

Bal Prakash Ajmer

The Dream

Bal Prakash, a tangible dream, nestles in the now greened undulating land stretching over eleven bighas off Ajmer by-pass Beawar Road near Village- Badgaon, Ajmer, Rajasthan. Founded in 1996 by Shri Tikram Paliwal & Prakash Paliwal Janhitkari Trust, it seeks to insure the child’s today to ensure a meaningful tomorrow. It is a committed endeavour to help those children who have the zeal but not the means to learn, whose childhood is lost in deprivation and labour. Located in a rural ambience, Bal Prakash offers the deprived and destitute children a free hearth, home and school.

The Trust

  • Patron: Shri D.N. Mathur
  • Managing Trustee: Smt. Kusum Paliwal
  • President : Hari Shankar Ughra
  • Secretary: Dr. Sheela Updhyay
  • Vice President: Dr. C.B. Gena
  • Joint Secretary: Dr. Rajkumari Jain


  • Ms. Anindita Bhattacharya
  • Shri Aniruddh Sharda
  • Dr. Asha Sharma
  • Shri Dinesh Bugalia
  • Dr. Mridul Bhasin
  • Smt. Neelu Gupta
  • Shri Prashant Sharma
  • Shri Virendra Dangi

The Vision and Growth

A verse from Durga Saptshati says:

Yawad bhumandalam dhatte sashail van kananam, Tawat nishthati medinyam santati putra pautriki

“Till this earth remains full of green vegetation, mountains and forests it shall provide for all needs of man and his progeny.”

With meager resources but ample heart and conviction Bal Prakash began its journey with a small dormitory, a make-shift kitchen and classroom servicing five resident students to a campus that has grown brick by brick. Today the campus has two spacious halls, six toilets, a separate girls’ dorm with attached toilets, a warden’s quarter, a guest room to accommodate visiting volunteers/resources persons, and a newly constructed dining hall. This fifteen year journey has seen it grow to house 88 children. The school has a library, a computer room, and a vocational activity facility. The resident children have the benefit of a small dairy and vegetable cropping.

In consonance with the idea of making learning and living an integrated experience, Bal Prakash sees the exigent need to sensitize the young to the alarming depletion of earths bounty. Rather than celebrate environment day, earth day etc, we have chosen to translate our concern for environment into tangible action. The school boasts of a rain-water harvesting reservoir and a vermi-compost unit. Our concern for environment has prompted us to undertake steps to conserve, reclaim, and redeem nature and its resources. Harnessing renewable energy is a tribute to the earth that sustains. In tune with this, we have installed solar heating panels and begun solar electrification. Simple initiatives like vermi- compost and engage. the residents in productively dealing with garden and kitchen waste. A nursery for indigenous and medicinal plants is underway. The campus is a green oasis with as many as 245 varieties of trees, shrubs, and herbs. To make the world you live in wholesome and healthy is the idea that informs all activities on campus, thus ensuring education beyond the text book.

Bal Prakash has striven and covered this ground entirely because of a motivated team of people who pitched in for whatever was required. Every hand that joins brings new hope and strength to the venture.

Future plans and aspirations

  • Upgrading the school and the infrastructure
  • Setting up a Craft workshops
  • Upgrading vocational skills like carpentry, tailoring and skills pursued at ITI’s
  • Training in horticulture and nursery raising
  • Creating a theatre and music workshop


  • Run By: Shri Tikaram Paliwal & Prakash Paliwal Janhitkari Trust

Registration No. 172/Ajmer/2005-06
Donations in favour of the trust are valid for exemption
Under 80G of the Income Tax Act. PAN : AAETS7723C